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Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Newest article slam about Yoko Ono and John Lennon is nothing really new

By SJ Otto
There are some young leftists, today, who claim that John Lennon was actually a reactionary and did nothing substantial for the peace movement. They also accuse him and Yoko Ono of being opportunists.  
So the following article review is not surprising to me:
In a publication called Star Pulse, I cam a cross this article slamming Yoko Ono, the widow of John Lennon, the former Beatle. I have heard some of these complaints before, but with this article I have to wonder why this had to come out now? I have heard some of these complaints from some of Lennon's relatives. Those complaint didn't wait 25 years to come forward. This one, by Andy Peebles, a radio DJ on the BBC, just came out recently. This guy called the marriage between Lennon and Yoko "fake." Other things Peebles said included:

"Out of respect for the popular Rock & Roll icon, his family, widow, and professional discretion/protocol from the BBC, Andy remained mum for decades. He recently broke his silence and candidly pointed out a few things about Lennon's widow that plagues him today," the article insists. Again...why now? I also found some questionable quotes and excerpts:

"What was I thinking as I sat there looking at her? I was thinking, frankly, 'So this is the woman who broke up the Beatles."

Not many people, seriously blame Ono for breaking up the Beatles and that includes the other Beatles. So why is he so insistent that she broke up the Beatles- Based on what?
The article went on:

"Peebles said as soon as he left BBC; he never heard from Yoko again. She loved the network and credited it for catapulting her career. No longer with a contact on the inside, she dispensed with Peebles." 

So we have to wonder if Peebles is just getting back at Ono for snubbing him and his position.
He also accused her of being a dominating person, wanting to control an interview he did before Lennon died. It was easy to deduce that Ono is somewhat of a dominating personality, but that is not really relevant to anything. That doesn't make her evil and with Lennon's bad temper, maybe it was a good thing she was the dominating partner.
Peebles insisted that Ono looked happier the day after Lennon died. And how did he really know if she was happier after he died? It is not always easy to judge a person's thoughts threw such a time of grief.
Peebles' just-now-published interview sheds nothing really new about Lennon and Ono. The accusations have been made before and people are free to believe them if they want to. But they are based only on Peebles' opinion and nothing more.
My opinion hasn't changed about either of them. They worked for world peace during the 1960s and 1970s, they had a positive influence on society and they were never conservative or reactionary as some revisionist historians are saying today.  

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