Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Once again – Why do we live in Kansas?

Ahh Kansas! Hardily a week goes by that some of us aren’t wondering why we, or any one else with a brain under their skull, would want to live here. Of course most of my friends and I don’t really want to live here. Kansas draws idiots with dangerous ideas the way shit draws flies.
A bill pending in the Kansas Senate would ban billboards advertising adult video stores, strip clubs and other sex-related businesses along highways.
Consider this quote in The Wichita Eagle, Feb. 22, 2006:

“We think 90 percent of everything in all those stores is obscene," said Jan Beemer, president of the anti-pornography group Operation SouthWind.

To make a statement like that, we must assume this person has spent a lot of time cruising porno-shops and reading this material to make such an observation. She has the right to be a pervert, but wants to tell the rest of us what we can read and look at. SouthWind is just one more Christian fascist organization that is trying to drive out anyone who isn’t a Christian fundamentalist.
She said the group already has 4,000 signatures seeking a probe of nine businesses. Just under 2,600 would be needed to force a state grand jury investigation.
And who are they going to investigate? Party Store, 9601 E. Kellogg, Priscilla's, 2606 S. Rock Road; Vegas Video, 8323 W. Kellogg; Video Adventures, 2726 Amidon; Xcitement Video, 3909 W. Pawnee; After Dark Video, 3721 S. Broadway; and After Dark Video, 2809 N. Broadway.
These are all hard-core pornography? If these people get their way, Playboy, Penthouse, even National Geographic’s may be under attack. Will we need to put pants on the monkeys in the zoo to make these crackpots happy?
And what about their annoying religious believes? What if we start publicly attacking them?
According to The Eagle, SouthWind members make other ridiculous claims:

Phillip Cosby of Abilene, instrumental in organizing sex-shop opponents in nearly a dozen communities, said various groups are employing 11 different strategies in the fight.
The adult businesses, he said, are "an open sewer that is changing Kansas."
The link between pornography and criminal behavior is strong, he said, and serves as the basis for zoning laws that the U.S. Supreme Court has upheld.

This is a baseless claim, using bogus and unsubstantiated statistics. They don’t make sense. Which, living in Kansas, is just typical of the people you find here.
Opponents of free thought include many people and philosophers.

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