Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Saturday, February 18, 2006

The R.I.M. International warns it is time to support Nepal’s revolution

Message to the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)
From the Committee of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement (RIM)

On 13 February 1996, a whole new chapter in the history of Nepal was begun, when the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) led the masses of the downtrodden in Nepal in daring simultaneous assaults throughout the country. Although the scale of the initial actions was small and the People’s War was begun with only a few weapons, from the outset the goal was mighty—to carry out a new democratic and socialist revolution throughout the country as part of the international proletariat’s historic mission of sweeping imperialism, reaction and indeed all traces of class exploitation from the Earth. For ten years the revolution in Nepal, under the leadership of your party, with comrade Prachanda at its head, has gone through twists and turns, victories and losses, and faced political complexities. There have been many sacrifices and boundless heroism among the party and among the people. Today, ten years later, those initial small squads with a handful of arms have grown into a mighty People’s Liberation Army, and backward Nepal, while still poor and oppressed, has become an advanced beacon in a world so much in need of revolution. Most of the territory of Nepal is already under the rule of the people, led by the party, and the revolution is knocking on the doors of nationwide power. These achievements fill the hearts of communists and revolutionary-minded people all over the world with joy and are rekindling hope among the oppressed that there is a solution to the exploitation, misery and oppression that enslaves humanity.

The revolution in Nepal faces powerful enemies. The exploiters the world over are frightened by the prospect of the people seizing power in Nepal and by the hope of genuine revolutionary communism re-emerging powerfully on the world scene. The US, Britain, neighbouring India and China are all providing weapons and advice to the Royal Nepal Army on how to better slaughter the people, and they are aiding the reactionary Gynendra regime in countless other ways as well, including by holding our dear comrades Kiran and Gaurav hostage in India. These reactionaries dare to slander the Maoist revolutionaries as “terrorists” when they themselves know full well that the party enjoys the deep support of the majority of the people of the country, and even the parliamentary adversaries of the party treat it is a legitimate political force. The imperialists and reactionaries will certainly not easily accept a genuine people’s government in Nepal, and they can be expected to continue to combine overt support for the reactionary monarchy with all sorts of hidden intrigues and conspiracies.

The revolution is nearing the historic point of nationwide victory, but this will only intensify the desperate ploys of the reactionaries to combine honeyed words of democracy with vicious attempts to drown the will of the people in blood. At this critical juncture in the revolution, it is more important than ever that the communists and the revolutionary-minded people the world over play their necessary role. The Revolutionary Internationalist Movement salutes you and pledges our continuing efforts to build support for the People’s War in Nepal.

Comrades, we are confident that the same revolutionary daring and scientific confidence that led to launching the People’s War will enable you to navigate the stormy waters ahead. No doubt new obstacles will appear and new sacrifices will be required, but by continuing to firmly base yourselves on Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and by flexibly applying these principles to the complexities of the class struggle a New Democratic Nepal can emerge and brighten the whole world.

Committee of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement
13 February 2006

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