Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Saturday, March 01, 2008

After a bad night

I was going to invite some local Wichita friends to Kirby's bar for hard rock karaoke. Sound like fun right?


Yes I'm an old fart that listened to music that some of you might see as REALLY OLD. But the people who showed up for this event went one step further. The picked all top 40 songs. Yes, Led Zeppelin, Blondie, Alice Cooper, all who provided us with some of he most unusual and interesting lyrics of our time. But not tonight. No it was all top 40s CRAP. "Oh! Oh! Oh!' from Led Zeplin and from some hard rock band "Lets get blasted, real fasted, ride my rockets!" Com'on people, at our age we know what sex is and how much fun it is. Did we really need those songs????

I'm old, but am I so old that I can enjoy hard rock (Deep Purple, Sex Pistols, The Romones, Alice Cooper) with out getting into the heart of hard rock-- rebellion and insanity? For instance Deep Purple did "Child in Time" which was a commentary on the violence of our society. Alice Cooper did "The Ballad of Dwight Fry" a celebration of insanity.

If there is a god, he must surely bless the insane.

So I was going to invite locals out to meet me tonight but let's try it another time. This Karaoke idea SUCKED!!!!

Here is one of my favorite Alice Cooper songs

Alice Cooper - The Ballad Of Dwight Fry (The Nightmare)

GOD BLESS INSANITY - Where would we be without it.

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