Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Pro-Life means Kill the Mother to save the Fetus!

Our local “pro-life” anti-choice, anti-women group in Wichita is now spindle bundles of money on a new bill board campaign, according to The Wichita Eagle, Mar. 20, 2006:
A new campaign about Wichita
To some, Air Capital is 'abortion capital'
"Wichita: Abortion Capital of the World."
That's the message on two billboards south of Oklahoma City on I-35.
The billboards, facing northbound traffic, were put up by the anti-abortion group Operation Rescue West, which said it paid $1,000 each for the signs. The group gathered donations to pay for the billboards and hopes they will discourage others who share the opinion from patronizing Wichita.
The Operation Rescue West billboards show a newborn baby and a pensive young woman under the banner "Abortion: One Dead, One Wounded."

"We're hoping to establish these billboards on all the major routes leading into Wichita," Operation Rescue West's Troy Newman of Wichita told The Eagle.”

These people continue to attack late term abortions because they look more like babies than early fetuses. They don’t care about early term abortions, they want to make it illegal for an abortion to save a mothers life. In other words they are trying to kill women and they don’t care. They believe their propaganda is effective so they use it, even it if it cost lives.

We need our own campaign to expose these liars!

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bradford said...

In a compassionate world there would be no abortion by choice. Desparation is hard for righteousness to (spell)understand.