Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Friday, February 10, 2017

Poetry Corner—“Know your place and don’t be an ass”

Welcome to Poetry Corner.  Now and then I get the urge to write poetry. So here are a few ditties I wrote. –SJ Otto

Know your place and don’t be an ass
We need liberation for the masses,
Not the dumb asses,
Be self owning,
Not self loathing,
No need for deprivation,
No one wants starvation,
Only the rich can go on vacation,
What they deserve is mutilation,
Only the rich,
Need a good snitch,
If you fight for your class,
You’re not full of hot gas,
Know your self interest,
And, to the rich you’re a pest,
To be a revolutionary
Good for us—for our rulers—scary,
Scare them well,
Make their life a living hell,
Don’t be a Republican,
Don’t like Ronald Reagan,
Don’t be a disgrace,
Know your place!

It always stinks in Stenchville
Take the last train to Stenchville,
I’ll meet you at the mooring,
With Stenchly Stench and his orchestra playing at a still,
His band is playing and he’s boring,
Along with the Stenchville Brass,
And the tale of Stench Muligan,
Full of hot gas,
Stench was a hooligan,
Working for the FBI,
And Stenchville’s favorite preacher,
Gives us pie in the sky,
And from the pond comes the creature,
He smells like Richard Nixon,
Ronald Reagan made us into chumps,
A Stenchville favorite son,
And of course there’s Donald Trump.

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