Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Another fine Memorial Day

By Otto
This year will be too wet for a Bar-B-Q, this Memorial Day so I may finds something else to do. Maybe we will take in a movie. Mad Max: Fury Road has gotten some good reviews. It seems it  is not just another empty-headed action movie.
Jeremy Webster, of F5 said; "If The Road Warrior was the pinnacle of the vehicular combat B movie archetype, Fury Road — with its suicidal dive-bombing lunatics, attackers on long truck-mounted stalks and goons willing to spit high octane fuel into carburetors to get an extra boost of speed — is the very sun around which that world revolves."
I usually hate action movies. Some of the more stupid things I see include the secret agents that tell a hot woman-in-trouble "I'm a secret agent." Yeah....right!
Then that same agent is in a restaurant and takes a paper thin metal tray and uses it to deflect bullets. There is this guy who jumps down a stairwell, while dozens of bad guys with machine guns aim at him and miss. Let's not forget that scene were the good guy picks up a nail gun in a wear house and shoots down several bad guys holding machine guns. Yeah...that works....right!
Then we can check out the latest summer brew to hit the bars and clubs. I noticed the return of Skinny Dip Beer, brewed by New Belgium. It is a light summery beer. It's pretty good. And it is only available in the summer months.
I have a few dead relatives I can visit in the local cemetery. My mother and paraplegic brother were not in the military but I don't care. They meant a lot to me so I will visit their graves if I want to and I do.

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