Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thanksgiving is coming—made hard cider

By Otto
As the big day comes, Thanksgiving, we can all look forward to spending time with our families—that is for those of us who actually have families living nearby. I don’t make a big deal out of Thanks Giving. There are those who believe the holiday is not really worth celebrating as the original event was the beginning of spreading imperialism, capitalism and genocide against the Native American Indian population (See Mike Ely, Original Occupation: Native Blood & the Myth of Thanksgiving, Kasama Project).  

There is also those who hate making a holiday out of killing and eating a specific animal (See  Hannah Sentenac , A Vegan Gives Ten Reasons to Skip the Turkey This Thanksgiving, New Times).

However, many of us will go to a holiday feast with the intention of celebrating time with our families and/or friends. We are thankful in life for some things. Most of us have either accomplished something of success in our lives or we may like our relatives—spouses—or our friends and lovers. Last year I spent Thanksgiving in the hospital, followed by most of December. I had a severe pain in my back caused by an infection. I will be thankful that I won’t be in the hospital this year. Since I’m an Epicurean and don’t believe in praying to god, I will simply be thankful. I also won’t dump a guilt trip on my relatives for the sins of their ancestors or the fact that they are eating a murdered animal.
As usual I will boycott Black Friday, which for me is now a tradition (See Black Friday—Black Friday—Black Friday!!!, Otto’s War Room (毛派). I have no need to buy loads of crap that neither I nor my friends and relatives actually need. Black Friday is a truly evil fake holiday created by greedy capitalists. This is the reason some people hate this season.

This year I tried to make some hard apple cider I bought Louisburg Apple Cider, put in backer’s yeast and started it out for four days in an actual pumpkin. Then I poured the cider in the original plastic containers it came in for about a week. I have primed the cider with some honey and a day later, I bottled it. I haven’t tried it yet, but I will report on it later.

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