Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Friday, July 11, 2014

Added two red finned shiner fish to my aquarium

By Otto
I have added to my aquarium again. This time I caught two red finned shiners. They are a common Kansas minnow. I got them in the Walnut River in El Dorado. I nabbed them with a long butterfly net. The fish are fairly common in Kansas streams. They are not real intelligent, but they are only about an inch and a half and they won’t hurt any of my other fish.
This is important, because I already tried to put mosquito fish in the tank and my gouramis tried to kill them all. Mosquito fish aren’t very colorful and they aren’t very smart. The new minnows have a stripe on them and if they develop their full color, which doesn’t always work in a fish tank, they have reddish fins.
I also have a bluegill I caught. These fish are smarter and more interesting, but he may be too big and may spend too much time chasing my other fish. I may end up releasing him in a nearby lake. I’d like to keep him as he is very interesting. But I only have a 10 gallon tank to put him in right now. If he got along with my other fish he would have been the best fish I caught. I may have to keep him a while and see if he has potential to live among my pets.
I like the idea of having a few native fish in my tank. It is a rainbow society of fish. Every state has its own animals that can be made into pets. These animals represent what is unique to living here. There are potential pets found wild in any state.  

Fish of the world unite!

These pictures are just examples. My camera does not take good pictures of these small fish.

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