Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

4th of July Fireworks can be made

By Otto
For those who live somewhere that doesn’t allow fireworks there are ways to make a few of them yourself. Here are just a few ideas I found on the Internet. I believe the tradition of fireworks is a right and necessity for many of us on this holiday. Remember that homemade fireworks can cause serious injury, including loss of fingers, hands or eyes. Don’t let kids do this and take every precaution as this is VERY DANGEROUS.
For a politically astute look at the 4th of July see: Happy 1/4 - Now we need a 1/5 (revised).


How to Make a Sound Bomb with Toilet Cleaner and Aluminum Foil

How to Create a Water Bottle Bomb

Aluminum foil and the works bomb

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