Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Exhibitionism in a motel after counting crap at Dillons

By Otto

I was staying at a motel in Western Missouri, working for my accounting job, for Washington Inventory Service (WIS). By day we wore these blue t-shirt workers and had a counting machine, a 10 key, strapped at our sides. We went in to a Dillons food store at 5 O’clock in the morning and left at 4pm that afternoon. The store was a typical mega food store, aisle after aisle of high shelves of every food item imaginable. We had to count them. Dillons likes the color blue, so we saw quite a bit of blue colored shelving. 
After eating at a local greasy spoon all-you-can-eat restaurant we went back to our motel. It was along the main drag, an 8 lane street.
The motel was large and spacious and had a swimming pool, with a hot tub, just about 10 feet outside the office in the front along the street. There was a small local bar across the street, catty corner to the motel. It was the usual mom and pop dive with that damp-dark bar smell. Most of the younger people on the crew and me went to this bar. But after a few hours I left.  
We spent the night at the motel so that I could get up at 5:30 am to count another Dillions store. Besides the little bar, a lot of us partied a little, a six pack of beer and a bottle of Captain Morgan Rum for a few of us, in the small yellow walled rooms. As one of those perpetual partiers I decided there was no point in wasting the night before going to sleep before getting up to count crap in a store. I was drinking Mikeys Beer. Most of the people I partied with were young guys and women in their 20s. As I was headed for my room I came across this young guy, maybe in his early 20s or late teens, who wanted to find some booze because he had these lady friends he wanted to impress. The guy was about my age with average hair length and tan shorts.
“I got a couple of girls to come to my room,” Young Guy said. “Do you know where I can get some booze for us to drink?”
“The liquor stores are all closed,” I said.
 After things died down and everyone went to their room to call it a night, I decided I should go for a swim. I wasn’t tired and I wanted to go swimming in the motel’s swimming pool area. It was a fair size pool.  The hot tub was typical of such places, being a small concrete lined pool, with timed jets that people could turn on.
When I got to the pool the guy in tan shorts was sitting by the hot tub.
I went out to the pool and jumped in. As I crossed the pool I noticed two girls in the hot tub and they were naked.  My interest peaked and I suddenly felt a lot less drunk….this site REALLY sobered me up.
So I got to the shallow end of the pool and realized the Young Guy trying to impress his lady friends was there and he was with the two girls—they were naked in the hot tub. One had dark-black cropped hair and her tits, with pointy pink nipples, were average size but much bigger than the other girls. She had neatly cut coal black pubic hairs. The two were sisters. The other one had brunette long hair and her brunette crotch hairs looked more natural and curly. Her tits were smaller and she did have larger thick brown nipples. The dark haired girl had lost her bottoms on the other side of the fence so she kept going outside of the short white wooden fence around the pool to look for her bottoms.
“I hope that guy in the office doesn’t get me busted,” she said. “I wish you never threw my panties outside the pool. Those are my favorite bottoms.”
Besides me and the young guy, there was a dark bearded guy, who wore glasses, sitting along the hot tub. After a while he left.
“Hey were did that other guy go.” Dark Hair said.
“He left,” Young Guy said.
“What a stupid idiot,” said Dark Hair.
I could tell the two of them were enjoying being exhibitionists.  
After a while the dark haired sister left. Shortly after that, Brunette Girl got in the water and started swimming from the shallow end to the deep end. When she got to the shallow end of the pool, she got out and stood on the edge, stretching her arms and legs and bending back, so that her tits pointed out in front of her. Next she walked over to some chairs by the fence that marked the boarder of the pool. There was a wooden wall and a small storage building blocking the road for those around and in the pool. Brunette Girl sat in the chair and stretched her long feet across her crotch, holding her big toes in her hands. Next she stretched out her legs in a “Y” shape that allowed us to see all her female parts. And I did look closely at them. She held her hands out and grabbed her feet so we could get a good look. She was really enjoying being an exhibitionist.
After that she came over to the hot tub where Young Guy and I were sitting on the ledge around it. She got in the tub and then put her feet on the sides of the hot tub. Her elbows and the back of her neck were along the edge of the hot tub. She lifted her body out of the water and made sure her pubic area was easy for us to see. Then Young Guy bent over her and put his hands on the edge near her head. She put her feet up and closed her legs around him. Then she tried to undo his pants and pull the off, but he wouldn’t let her. The way she was pulsating her crotch around under him, I would swear that she would have let him do her right there in the tub. Then he left to get something in his room.
“I don’t know your name,” Brunette girl said to me.
“I’m Otto.”
“I’m Janet. How old are you?”
“I’m 52.”
“I’m 18. You don’t look as old as 52. I thought you were a lot younger.”
“You don’t look 18. I would have thought you were older.”
Soon Young Guy and Dark Hair came back. A van pulled up by the pool and a bunch of roadies for a local band got out. The van looked like one of those big trailer homes old people buy whey they ride around the country. It had some fancy red lettering on the side of it. About 20 guys got out. Dark Girl put her top on and Janet ran out of the pool to put on a one piece black suite that covered most of her body trunk.
“Hey,” said Dark hair. “I like that bearded guy getting off the bus.”
The guy she was talking about was about 5’10, wore tan clothes, had straw colored hair and had metal glasses and a beard.
“I’m getting laid tonight,” Dark hair said.
When all the guys got off the band bus came over to the hot tub, Dark Hair asked the beaded guy to join her in the hot tub.  
“I hope you don’t mind that I have no pants on,” Dark Hair said to the bearded guy.
“That’s OK.”
Of course it was OK. What guy wouldn’t like being invited to get in a hot tub with a bottomless girl and then invited to have sex, on the spur of the movement. A lot of guys live for a set up like that. But it went to that bearded guy—not me. I imagine Young Guy eventually got some from Janet. But I wasn’t around for that. I got bored and left.

Exhibitionism is a wonderful thing.

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