Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

NA beers compared They taste pretty good compared to liver failure.

This article hits home for me because I am trying to quit drinking and I like the taste of beer. I hear a lot of people saying the fake beers are bad because they may trigger relapse or “you need to get away from the taste of this because it is part of the addiction” and other bull shit. People are free to take the advice from the so called “experts.” For me it is fake beer so I can enjoy the taste of a beverage I’ve had for many years.-Otto

From F5:

According to the band NOFX, "Bob spent 15 years getting loaded, 15 years 'till his liver exploded." They then proceed to pose the question: "What's Bob gonna do now that he can't drink?" Well let me tell you, if Bob was a beer lover, his prospects are pretty dismal.
I can tell you this because I gave up alcohol for Lent, and things have gotten pretty desperate at the F5 beer desk. So desperate, in fact, that I have taken to drinking nonalcoholic beers. And most everything you might have ever suspected about them is true. Much like a sugar- and fat-free brownie or a soy-based vegan chicken nugget, they are only good when qualified as not being as good as what they are trying to mimic.
So here are the contestants.

Beck's Non-Alcoholic

My favorite fake pilsner. This beer actually has some form of nose. I have to admit that smelling this beer did scratch the itch slightly. Then I had to go and taste it and was let down from there. Maybe a hops vape device is all that a recovering IPA addict needs?

St. Pauli N.A.

A fourth place among the competitors and second to the Becks. But as I drank the Becks NA on a trip to Colorado and have not found it here, this is about the best you're going to do in Wichita.
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