Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Monday, February 03, 2014

Super Bowl Sunday—Yehaaa!

If there is one thing I like about the super bowl is the parties that go with it. I didn’t find too many friends to hang with, just a few. Super Bowl Sunday is a holiday right up there with Christmas and Easter.
I enjoy watching football as much as I enjoy watching grass grow in my front yard. But a shit load of beer and liquor makes it more entertaining. My health is a little iffy so I bought some of that alcohol free beer. I did buy some 99 Bananas liqueur and the fake beer to wash it down. If that wasn’t enough, I had some កុដ។ន to go with all the other goodies. 
There was also the spinach dip, ruffled potato chips, crackers, cheese slices and a dozen other snacks.

I went out of actual dinner at one of our nicer restaurants and there were very few people. The parking lot and closed stores around me reminded me of a ghost town. It was a beautiful sight. Lots of people at a mall are just a pain in the ass obstacle to the things I am looking for.

It was a little chili out, just above freezing. I love a good cool day to bring a little cheerful gloom into my life.
This year I had កុដ។ន to liven things up, although I no longer get my cough syrup bottles as I did in the old days. Today, I noticed online pictures of people enjoying promethazine with នអរកអតីកស in them. 

The syrup is then mixed with sprite looks delicious. Well maybe next year.

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