Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Friday, March 23, 2007

Fuck land developer$

All around my home wild life is disappearing and there's only two groups of people to blame – land developer$ and the apologists who work for them and support them. That includes the City council of Wichita. Our great leaders in the largest city in Kansas, have decided to "move" a wetland area. In fact, what they are actually doing is destroying it for the sake of real state development. Just about all county and city elected officials are in the pockets of land developers.

Developer$ have for some time, owned the City and they do what they want. The city council never gets in there way. This protected wild life refuge used to be in the county. Now it's in city limits and all the councilmen think of is their wallets and they don't give a damn about wild life, the ecology or those people who appreciate wild life.
Move a wetland? What are they going to do, put up a sign in bird language to tell the birds where their new site is? Frogs and turtles have already disappeared from this site. Even opossums are becoming rare and coyotes have had to come into the city to forage for food. Soon they will be driven out also.

Land developer$ have destroyed our way of life in the town of Maize. Our rustic little semi-rural town in now a hub of development for Wichita. Their motto is "use every piece of land possible." They've actually said that.

One thing we still have are the rats and skunks who run our city.

As reported in The Wichita Eagle, Mar. 21, 2007:

City OKs wetland development
Council members vote to allow construction -- if the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers approves.
The Wichita Eagle
If the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers says it's OK to build a Lowe's Home Improvement store on federally protected wetlands, the city will pay half the cost of relocating the wetlands.
That's an estimated $1.7 million worth of designing, digging and developing.
If the Corps denies the development, the city will have to pay for the developers' $65,000 drainage study -- an analysis the city may need someday anyway.
That's the taxpayers' side of an agreement the City Council approved Tuesday.
The 4-2 vote allows developers to build the Lowe's store, several restaurants and other stores on the wetlands east of Maize Road and south of 29th Street North.
The development will also extend to the west side of Maize Road, where there are no federally protected wetlands.

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