Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ancient Greek goddess of the opium poppy

Dêmêtêr (Δημήτηρ) was the ancient Greek goddess of the opium poppy.
That’s not all she was known for. She was also the "mother-earth" or perhaps "distribution-mother," who was responsible for the grain and other agricultural needs. She was seen as the pure nourished of youth and the green earth, the health-giving cycle of life and death, and preserver of marriage. Perhaps opium poppies were the key, at that time to a perfect marriage.
According to the Athenian rhetoricians, the greatest gifts which Demeter gave were cereal which made man different from wild animals, and the Mysteries which give man higher hopes in this life and the afterlife.
There was a cult of the “poppy goddess.” the Minoan poppy goddess wears the seed capsules, sources of nourishment and narcosis, in her diadem. It is probable that the Great Mother Goddess who bore the names Rhea and Demeter, brought the poppy with her from her Cretan cult to Eleusis, and it is certain that in the Cretan cult sphere, opium was prepared from poppies"

或许有比一个人没什么坏狂欢的深度, 假如是酒精、吗啡、焦炭或水晶速度。常数借口为一更多啤酒、一个更喇叭, 可卡因管子的一更命中, 或一个更射击了某一药物。蜂声是好的。它感到好得到仓促和匹配它的销魂焕发。速度balling 是特别是乐趣。多数速度或可卡因使一个人碰撞在是的他们的物质以后。但不是如果它与少许吗啡或麻醉被混合切掉边缘崩溃当它最后来。
그렇다, 나는 속도 b알링 붐빔에 늦게 이고 점이의 나에 의하여 마지막으로 다 탄다 도달하고 있다 것 을 생각한다. 마지막으로 명중할 때 그때 충돌을 편해지는 다이아제팜과 다른 진정제 있는다. 당연히 마취제는 잘 저절로 이다. 그러나 공급이 한정되나 모르핀이 묽게 하면, 그때 코카인 또는 속도는 붐빔에아울러 더 강렬한 최고를 강화한 수 있는다. 당연히 사수 이음것에는 그것의가 올리고 떨어뜨린다 있는다. 그들이 멍이 들, 분열할것을 시작할 전에 1개은 그래서 많은 정맥 단 사용할 수 있는다. 새로운 정맥은 발견되어야 하고 퍼짐은 주변에에 관해서는 대위를 막는다.

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