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Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Wolfgang Rohde- drummer from Die Toten Hosen is dead- Good bye!

I am a huge fan of Die Toten Hosen. The name translates to "The Dead Pants." This group is very popular in Germany and parts of Europe, but not in the US. So I had to dig up some news articles in German and use a Google translator to get this English copy. I'm sad to see their drummer go. I'm getting old and my friends as well as famous people my age are dying off. Sad...but it is not the end yet. -SJ Otto

GOOD BYE Wolfgang!
·                                  From Die Welt:

The former drummer of the rock band Toten Hosen, Wolfgang Rohde, is dead. At 66 years the musician died of his cancer. Because multiple herniated discs, he had his career end prematurely. -Source: The World

Since the end of 2014 it is known that Wolfgang "Wölli" Rohde has cancer. At the age of 66 years, the former drummer for the punk band Die Toten Hosen now deceased, reported first "RP-Online" . The band confirmed the evening on her Facebook page.
"We lost him," wrote the mourning band in a post. "Yesterday afternoon died our longtime companion and drummer Wölli after a serious illness in his family. He was also for us a family member and to the last day a close good friend. We will never forget you. Andi, Breiti, Campino , hugger, from, and all employees of JKP and KKT.

From RP Online:

Dusseldorf. As the dead gave pants last summer a concert in Leipzig, 70,000 people singing "Stand up, if you're on the ground" their anthem. In the middle of the song suddenly Wölli came on stage, joined in the chorus, the song was for him because Wölli had cancer. Now he is dead. Wolfgang Rohde, the all merely Wölli called, was 66 years old.

"Stand up, if you're on the ground"

"Steh auf wenn du am Boden bist"

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