Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Friday, May 20, 2016

Poetry Corner- Blessings- by Ronald Wallace

Poetry Corner

It’s been a while since we posted good poems on this site. So I heard this one from Writer’s Almanac, NPR. This poem was written by Ronald Wallace. I wrote the intro to it- SJ Otto.


Some days I find myself
putting my foot in
the same stream twice;
leading a horse to water
and making him drink.
I have a clue.
I can see the forest
for the trees.
All around me people
are making silk purses
out of sows' ears,
getting blood from turnips,
building Rome is a day.
There's a business
like show business.
There's something new
under the sun.
Some days misery
no longer loves company;
it puts itself out of its.
There's rest for the weary.
There's turning back.
There are guarantees.
I can be serious.
I can mean that.
You can quite
put your finger on it.
Some days I know
I am long for this world.
I can go home again.
And when I go
I can
take it with me./
The book, by Ronald Wallace, is Long for this World. Published by the University of Pittsburgh Press, 2003, via a grant from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts.

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