Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Sunday, February 28, 2016

A memorial for one of Kansas' finest writers- Tim Pouncey, AKA Casher O'Neill

By SJ Otto
It has been more than fifteen years since Tim Pouncey (AKA Casher O'Neill) wrote for a local
newspaper. But he is still remembered by his many friends and fans who have followed his career with enthusiasm. Tim died Feb. 7.
Friends and family are invited to meet, March 12, at Kirby's for a memorial wake for Tim Pouncey, AKA Casher O'Neill. The event will be from 4pm to 7pm. He had made a lot of friends here in Wichita as well as many from around the world, online. Tim was known by his pen name Casher O'Neill to a lot of his online friends. He has made good friends from as far away as England and Australia.
Tim often worked with me on many of my writing projects. We met while I was still publishing the Public Voice. He helped me with my books writing projects and he wrote a review for one of them. In Kansas he worked at such newspapers as The Times-Sentinel, of Cheney, and their various newspaper chains; the Andover Journal Advocate and for The Pratt Tribune. And while he was at the many newspapers he worked at, his columns were read through-out Kansas and enjoyed by many. A lot of his old fans knew him from his days at the Wichita State University's The Sunflower. He was a columnist there for a few years and that is where he wrote some of his best stuff. That's not to say his later stuff wasn't good. He could always write a good column, especially if humor was needed.
This is one last time to meet with other fans, family and friends to discuss Tim and his past career.
(316) 239-7990
March 12


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