Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Earthquake- it's cheap, but it is drinkable

By Otto

I like to write about various beers. Many are expensive and have exotic flavors. But right now I'm going to write about a very cheap beer, Earthquake High Gravity Lager. It has an alcohol content of 10% and by its price I think I know why most of us think it is being bought.
So how does such a great find taste? It's not really that bad. I'm not saying it's real good, but if you have little money- really want some beer to drink - and you could really use an alcohol buzz, this beer is for you. Like I say it's really not bad. It doesn't make my top 10 list, but for a cheap beer buzz it is drinkable and it does what you want it to.
Many people can get a slight buzz and many have noticed how strong it is. If you drink three or four of theses and your not quite getting the buzz you want, you may want to check out AA. Just sayin'!
About a week ago, I ran out of money and I started drinking that stuff at about $1.40 after tax for about a pint. It really doesn't taste that bad. It taste a little weird but it does taste mostly like beer.
If you can afford a few pints of Arrogant Bastard or a six pack of Guinness Stout, you know better than to buy this stuff. But when funds are scarce it is nice to know their is a drinkable brew near you.


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