Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Monday, February 23, 2015

Oscars vindicated Edward Snowden! —Citizenfour honored!

In a star-studded vindication of Edward Snowden, the Oscars gave the award for best documentary to Citizenfour, a documentary about Snowden. Not only did the documentary win, but journalist and collaborator Glenn Greenwald gave a positive speech about Snowden and the work he did. This, of course, goes contrary to the statements made by our militarist representative, Mike Pompeo, of the fourthKansas district. He has called Snowden a traitor and accused him of treason. Pompeo—put this in your pipe and smoke it!!

The Edward Snowden documentary "Citizenfour" won Best Documentary at the Oscars on Sunday night. Director Laura Poitras accepted the award with Glenn Greenwald and Lindsay Mills, Snowden's girlfriend, by her side.
"The disclosures that Edward Snowden reveals don't only expose a threat to our privacy but to our democracy itself," Poitras said in her acceptance speech. "When the most important decisions being made, affecting all of us, are made in secret, we lose our ability to check the powers that control. Thank you to Edward Snowden, for his courage, and for the many other whistleblowers. I share this with Glenn Greenwald and other journalists who are exposing truth."
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