Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Brave (2012 film) ruined by “royalty” angle

It sounds like a good feminist type film. A young princess defies her family, refuses to accept an arranged marriage and becomes a great archer. It’s “young daughter defies parents to become a great warrior on her own” movie.

According to Wikipedia;

“In Scotland, King Fergus of Clan DunBroch presents his young daughter Merida with a bow for her birthday. While practicing with the bow, Merida briefly encounters a will-o'-the-wisp as a giant demon bear named Mor'du attacks the family. Merida escapes along with her mother Queen Elinor while Fergus fights off the bear alongside his men at the cost of his left leg. Years later, Elinor has since given birth to identical triplet boys, and Merida has become a free-spirited and adventurous teenager. One night, her mother informs her she is to be betrothed to one of her father's allied clans: Dingwall, Macintosh, or MacGuffin. Despite her mother's attempts to appease her by telling her a legend of a power-hungry prince who broke off from his duty and caused the ruin of a kingdom, Merida is dissatisfied with the arranged marriage.”

So why does Merida have to be a princess? Why not have her rise from the ranks of a poor peasant girl. It seems to be the old Disney-esk “someday your prince or princess will come.” theme.
Just recently we had the 60th celebration of the Queen of England. American TV news anchors acted as if this country had a queen. But the fact is this country ran out the King of England, in the 1700s, and put together a “republican” government that did away with any idea of a US aristocracy.
So Disney and other children’s film makers have used princes and princesses as heroes since the beginning of animated cartoons.

According to Otto’s War Room, The Queen’s shit smells like everyone else’s;

“Our own founding fathers broke away from the British Crown, calling King George a “tyrant.” They established a republic (not unlike the ancient Greek oligarchies) without official tittles or an American aristocracy. So why do news anchors today act as if the Queen of England and her heirs are our own aristocrats?”

So I’ve had enough of the prince and princess story book characters. It’s past time to kick the royal ass holes out of children’s story books and let’s have some good ol’ commoners for heroes.

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