Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Sunday, August 09, 2009

My next book project….telling everyone what to think

I have decided to start on a series of philosophy books. I’ve been wanting to write something like that for some time and I feel this is that time.

First book will be called That’s Stupidity. This book will outline the stupidity of modern day politics, the idiotic directions of our energy, ecology and morality of the modern politician. Naturally I will explain the directions, policies and beliefs necessary to save humanity from its own folly. Can we survive into the next few centuries? Yes, but only if my ideas are adopted.

My second book will be The Dialectics of Salamanderism. In this book I will further examine my ideas and compare them to other schools of thought.

Following that I will write and publish will be Συγκρίνοντας το μυαλό του γύρου σκουλήκια και ανθρώπους. This book will be written entirely in Greek. This is for intellectuals who want to prove they can read important documents that have to be translated. Intellectuals love this kind of reading.

Next will be Applying Salamanderism In The Modern World. The title says it all.

Then there’s The collected works of Salamander Vol. I and Vol. II.

Naturally there will be Salamanderism for Beginners, and Understanding Salamanderism.

Yes…why wait until I’m dead to write books on the importance of my writings and their influence on the world. I’ll just beat the rush and publish all of this shit now.I may publish this stuff under my real name, which is not Salamander.

I’m already a legend in my own mind; I might as well share my geniusness with the world. My first book should be ready some time next year. Keep an eye out for it.

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