Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Thursday, October 02, 2008

should I stay or should I go

The slogan "No gain in keeping, No loss in weeding out" seems cruel on the surface, but don't we all go through those days, when capitalist marauders prey on us like the bird prey on the worms, during a rain.
No I wouldn't kill anyone or order them killed, but the temptation is stronger every day as we live in an increasingly cruel and sadistic society. Mostly we are thought to hate criminals. Killing them is not enough, now we collectively want some type of torture to make sure the evil people suffer on their way to "hell'(as Christianity teaches us).
Then there's the terrorists, animals that inconvenience us and a couple of marble heads (lose marbles rolling around inside) who want to further this hatemongering.
But there is the local level. Some towns are better than others. Some suck so terribly that they can only be described as hell on earth.
There are a few in-between towns, such as Wichita, where it's almost that bad, but there are a few nice people here. They make up about 1 %. It's a tough town to live in. It's run by snakes and rednecks that closely resemble Sarah Palin. These are the people I'd love to see chopped down like weeds and tossed in the garbage where at least maggots will get something out of their useless lives.
This town is often like standing in sewage. It stinks and the advantages are few if any.
Not only that, it has acurded to me lately that I am wasting my life here and accomplishing nothing. I am merely bumping heads with the likes of McCain and Palin. So how long do I stay in a place where I accomplish nothing?


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