Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Monday, June 09, 2008

When you’re going no where slow - Amtrak

By 史蒂夫・奥多, with the help of Dr. J. Newton Knumbskul, Dr. of Poetry

Once an Amtrak train, headed back to wichita from Albuquerque New Mexico,
The train stopped in a small town calle Raton,
A smoke break was called and my wife went to the restroom,
When she returned the train was gone,
Raton is a little Podunk with a moten, a taxi service and a few antique shops and restauraunts.
The next train won't be here until 5pm tomorrow, the bitch and the trainstation said.
When the train arrived in Newton (it won't go to Wichita) I had to drive up and get her luggage,

The next day everything in raton (which means mouse in Spanish) closed by 1pm.
Nothing to do but wait at the CLOSED train station until it opened at 4pm.
"You have to buy a new ticket since you made an unscheduled stop" the amtrack bitch told her. Forget that she had a ticket stub that stated she paid to go to Newton, she had to buy a new ticket.
So when you're looking for bad service, double billing and you just want to go no place important at the slowest rate possible, take an Amtrak. Leave the theavery to them.
I found a song that seems a tribute to the dedication and service of Amtrak.

A modern comfortable train.

With up to date confortable stations to wait at.

And a safety record that is unique. Just ask these folks.

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