Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Sunday morning TV sucks

We don’t have cable and I’m not sure Sunday TV would be any better if we did. If so, I would be insulted that I paid money for a cable service that feed me a steady diet of info-mercials. There’s a dead zone on the tube between about 11 am and 2am where the we get about 3 sports stations and the rest are 30 minute to an hour of info-mercials. How many melon heads watch this shit? If a person can’t make up there mind about a product in a one minute commercial is a whole hour of harping and “testimonials” to how wonderful this car wash, Kitchen utensil, building supply or cleaning product really going to make a difference? And what idiot would sit there for an hour watching this crap?

I often get up late and don’t really wake up till afternoon. I may sit on the couch and zone out to Kidopolis A TV show for little kids with such mediocre cartoons as Horseland. Of course they’re not intended for adults as myself, but if I’m going to zone out in front of a TV, there better than info-mercials. And when that show is over, we often have to turn our TV off entirely. Thank god we don’t pay for this shit.

I miss the good old days of zoning out to a test pattern. It didn’t move and made a stead Beeeeeeppp! But it never tried to sell me anything.

There’s always public radio. Car Talk comes to mind.

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