Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Monday, December 31, 2007

Music, TV, Movies for 2007

A look back


I liked “Pushing up Daisies” both for its surreal story tale quality and its dark humor.
I like “Dirty Filthy Money.” Not only is this one of the most dysfunctional rich families, but the lawyer, who is the main character is the perfect patsy for the role he plays. What a great line: “All you have to do for $10 million is to find us charities for tax write offs,” the old man tells the lawyer in the first episode. The fool actually believes him – hilarious.

I loved the Stephan King films “1408” and “The Mist.” I also liked the Harry Potter film. I love a good scare.

While I bought many CDs this year, only the Donnas “Bitchen” was actually released this year. So they released my favorite album of the year. My brothers new album “Ounce and a Half of Whisky,” which he gave me for X-mass was also fantastic. And he just released it. My son will be releasing an album in 2008, so maybe I’ll mention it next year. His band, the Futants, is also excellent.

Music by the Donnas “Safety Dance”

I released Can you Pass the Acid Test? And have spent much of my time on two new books I’m trying to finish. I had no time for anyone else’s books.

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