Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Sunday, September 30, 2007

My next book

All though I’ve not written and published three books that focus on the drug issue, I plan to write two more books. One is on the abortion wars and the far-right in Kansas. The other is a novel about Pol Pot. It may be the first fictional autobiography of Pol Pot written. I’ve never been to Cambodia (Kampuchea) but I have read over Communist Party of Kampuchea Documents, songs believed to have been written by Pol and some speeches he’s given, along with slogans of the regime.
I’ve also read some good biographies of the man for details of his life. I’ve never been to Kampuchea, but then again, Bram Stoker never went to Transylvania. He wrote the entire book from London. I also use his style of journals, diaries and fake newspaper and magazine articles to contrast Pol’s vision with the outside worlds perception of what was going on under his leadership.
This is not a story of Kampuchea. It is entirely focused on Pol and his immediate comrades. People write fictional biographies to give characters a three-dimensional look, while non-fictional biographies simply deliver the facts. Of course this book will only be an interpretation of Pol, but all fiction on real persons in history are interpretations. There is no way to really know what any dead person thought while living, beside what they have written about themselves. Pol didn’t write any biography or book of his ideology, so we are left with bits and pieces of what he wrote and believed. The rest is guess work.
And that is why we call it fiction. The book will be called The Pol Pot Journals.
It will probably be at least another six months before it is ready for publication, but I am working on it and it is my second attempt at fiction. My next two books will be the first time I left the issue of drugs and drug laws for something else. I’m looking forward to getting it out.

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