Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Take this job, town, state and shove it

Yes it's Job seeking time again. And yes, it means sucking up to countless assholes and trying to pretend you're something your not. I figured out some time ago that what ever career you want, what ever you try to sell, the message is SUCK UP!!!! If they ever make my book into a movie, I can be sure they'll fuck it up so bad, all I'll nearly die of embarrassment and the money will be the only thing that saves me.

I work for a number of school systems and the worst is the main on in this area. I won't say who they are in case they read this. But they seem to have a policy that the higher you climb in the school system, the more incompetent you are expected to be. It must be based on some type of nepotism.

Most of the people in this area are so stupid that if their brains could be put in the birds, they'd all fly backward. The other day some idiot writes to the news paper to praise our Kansas Rep. in the House for getting taxpayers money to build a canal to fix the flooding problem on Cowskin Creek. Actually the problem started when the city started letting land developers (lousy fucking blood suckers that they are) build homes directly in the creek's flood plain. Any one with an IQ over 12 could look at those homes and tell they were due to get flooded.


So I've spent the day getting different stories from the school principals than the personnel people. In the mean time, I'm sick of being a sub teacher. It's ridiculously easy because I'm nothing more than an overplayed baby sitter and that's not what I spent almost $30,000 going to school to do. It was an OK pud job for a while, but I need a challenge.

I was talking to someone the other day about writing another book that has sex in it, since most of my future book ideas aren't like that. They also won't have a lot of drug use tales in them. People started giving me ideas on what the public will buy. I don't mind writing another saucy raunchy book, but I don't write for the benefit of the public. I write what I want. I do try to write interesting things people will buy, but if some one doesn't like a book I wrote, or how it ends, or the nature of the subject or character, FUCK 'EM.

I'm looking for a quality audience, not a quantity audience.

Substance over style!

If you want a good career – bend over and spread your cheeks!!!!!

If you want to maintain your dignity and not go jobless and homeless – See above!

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