Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Monday, January 01, 2007

For New Year 2007 it was the absinthe

Well, since a lot of other people are writing about their new year party I guess I'll throw in my 2 cents.
First I went to a friends house for a while and we talked about how crappy our lives were and how crappier they might get this year. The details are unnecessary and boring.
Then I went to a New Years party held by a goth couple I like. The place was jammed and I talked to a lot of people, some of whom I haven't seen in a while. I brought some bootleg Absinthe I was able to make. I put it in some small bottles with this label I made.

Yes! I spelled it wrong. I meant to put the "y" instead of "i" but I left out a letter. I guess I need someone to spell check my labels from now on. As for the Chinese at the bottom of the bottle, that's a translation of my name so that if I got caught with it, the cops wouldn't know I made it, unless we have any Chinese cops in Wichita.
A lot of absinthe drinkers showed up, and it didn't last long. I learned that the best way to fix an absinthe drink is to pour some over a sugar cube, light it on fire till the cub burns out, drop it in the glass and pour in some cool water. The burning melts the sugar and makes the absinthe more like syrup and it mixes better with the water and taste smoother. But there was plenty to drink, from mead to bear to wassail and whiskey…..and of course Champaign for midnight.
I was wearing this Black Death Vodka shirt (I just feel so cheered up when I where things like this) and some one there gave me this little coffin the bottles once came in, to go with my shirt. He already drank all the vodka. I used it for a home made mead that the people giving the party gave me.

I forgot my fireworks. This guy had some military explosives we wanted to set off, but he couldn't remember how it was supposed to be done. We feared blowing our arms off if we did it wrong, so we had to really on other peoples explosives.

I took some trendy chemicals and some not so trendy chemicals, so I didn't get so drunk that I had to puke. I did hang out till 5a.m. while some people passed out on the couch.
Other than the absinthe and label picture, this blog is boring as hell. So I added this picture of some of our guest bringing in the year in a more traditional style

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