Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Counter-culture Journals (文革)

Friday, August 11, 2006

I went camping and escaped my ugly home city

I went camping out this week. It was nice to get away from Wichita, where the only thing I can see from my house are the old houses and the new ones that are all designed exactly the same and all painted dull colors, such as beige, gray or off white.
It seems that ugly homes are in. And for the poor little people, there are some row houses right along Highway 96, so they can hear the traffic, which is about 20 feet from their back doors.
The poor also have only a chain link fence to protect their kids from highway traffic, going 70 MPH. It’s social Darwinism all over again. The rich people have ugly homes in the safer parts of the new developments while the poor live in dangerous places.

But for a few days I saw stars in the sky, without city light to drowned out their presents, real trees, frogs, which have been missing from my neighborhood for a long time and I swam in an actual lake and stream.
I was exposed to wild life and got to sleep in the outdoors. No Quickie Marts, jammed traffic lights, light pollution, no strip malls. It was like a religious experience, only without the mega $ million ostentatious church building.

I drove two hours to a fishing lake several counties over. Who says a little solitude isn’t a good thing. It’s almost as good as a really good drug high.

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